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Uma Chair

Assembly Guide
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Assembly Progress:

Product Information

UMA is a beautiful multifunctional chair, carefully designed for easy assembly and disassembly. It is made of FSC® Certificated Bamboo ply with natural, non-toxic oil finishing. The main idea behind this project is to showcase how Do-It-Yourself CNC furniture can be elegant, sophisticated and functional while also demonstrating that anyone can make them using the opensource assets developed by the BBM Design Lab team.

– Made of renewable materials
– 100% natural non-toxic oil finish
– Designed globally, made locally
– Ready-to-assemble furniture (flatpack)
– Assembly with one tool without nails or glue

Designers: Jairo da Costa, Rosangela Tenorio and David Morgan
Year: 2021

Product dimensions

Weight: 4,5 kg
Height: 81 cm
Width: 39 cm
Depth: 54 cm
Seat Height: 45 cm

This product is designed for indoor use.

Hardware & tools

10x Screws M6x3mm  
1x Hex L-key

Product parts

1x Seat (A)
1x Seat Frame (B)
1x Backrest (C)
1x Backrest Handle (D)
1x Front Leg (E)
2x Side Legs (F/G)
2x Side Frames (H/I)

Assembly Instructions

⚠ This product is assembled with a single tool.
⚠ Product parts require a small amount of friction to slot. Just press in by hand.
⚠ During assembly, please place the product on a clean and flat surface or a blanket.


Lay down the side leg (F) and screw (3x) to the side frame (H).


Repeat the process to screw (3x) the side leg (G) to the side frame (I).


Add the front leg (E) to the side leg (F) and the side frame (H).


Add the side leg (G) and the side frame (I) into the front leg (E).


Add the seat frame (B) across the side legs (F/G) inside slots.


Add the seat to the frame and screw (2x) into place.


Place the backrest handle (D) into the side frames slots (H/I).


Slide the backrest (C) into the two side frames (H/I).


Screw (2x) the backrest (C) into place.


Your UMA CHAIR is ready!

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